Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What can I send in?

A: You can mail us any material containing gold, silver, platinum or palladium. That includes but is not limited to Crowns, Bridges, PFMs, PFGs, Inlays, Caps, Gold Partials. All material accepted with or without bone or porcelain. If you’re not sure of something, either mail it to us and let our experts make the determination or give us a call and we may be able to help you over the phone.

Q: What if my material does not fit in the SAFEPAK?

A: No problem. No amount is too small or too big. We are equipped to handle all shipments regardless of size. Contact us either by phone at 1-866-300-9889 or email and we’ll help you make all of the necessary arrangements.

Q: Can I mail my material in my own packaging?

A: Sure. Don’t forget to include your return information and address. You can ship your material to us at:

P.O. BOX 379
SHARON, MA 02067

Q: How do I know my material is safe and secure? What about when it gets to your refinery?

A: First of all, we insure all of our SAFEPAKs. Secondly, the SAFEPAK was designed specifically to keep your material safe and secure throughout the shipping process. We have never lost a SAFEPAK or had one stolen. Finally, our SAFEPAK TRACKING SYSTEM allows you to track your SAFEPAK every step of the way up until it arrives at our facility which is constantly being monitored by closed-circuit security cameras.

Q: Is dental scrap safe to ship?

A: The SAFEPAK was designed specifically to ship dental scrap. All of the material has been approved for shipping by OSHA, DHS and the EPA.

Q: Do you buy Partials?

A: The only time we buy partials is if they are visibly gold. These partials are usually old (manufactured 15-20 years ago). Otherwise no, we do not buy silver colored partials.

Q: My material is soaking in liquid what should I do?

A: After you receive your SAFEPAK, remove the dental scrap from the liquid and place the scrap in the provided plastic bag before shipping. DO NOT SHIP LIQUID.

Q: How do I know what my material is worth?

A: The only way to know the precise value of your material is to send it in and have it processed. Dental Scrap can be worth as much at $700/ oz. It all depends on the quality and volume of precious metals contained in your scrap.

Q: Can you mail me a container so I can have something to store my dental scrap in while I’m collecting it?

A: Absolutely. If you need a container for collecting dental scrap, simply email us or call us directly at 1-866-300-9889 and we’ll be happy to ship you one at no cost.

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