Gold has been used in dentistry since the 18th century, but recent advancements in dental technology have revealed cheaper and more effective alternatives for dental restorations. While crowns, fillings, bridges and implants were most commonly made out of gold in the past, gold is distinctively colored and stands out amidst rows of otherwise white teeth. Many people with gold dental restorations are now opting to replace their gold teeth or fillings with porcelain, which is equally effective, but significantly cheaper and more subtle.


If you’re looking to replace your gold dental restorations with ceramics, you can cash in big on your dental scrap. The gold that is used in dental restorations is extremely high quality, and if you have extensive dental work, you can make a lot of cash off your dental scrap gold. The market price of gold is reaching record prices, so dental gold is now more valuable than ever. Cash for Dental Scrap offers dental scrap refining for dental scrap from any type of restoration. Even if your dental scrap gold is old, tarnished, or mangled, Cash for Dental Scrap’s risk free service will give you the best price for your gold; satisfaction guaranteed.


The widespread use of high quality gold in dental restorations gives you many more opportunities to cash in on dental scrap. The high price of gold crowns, bridges, and teeth has prompted many people to leave them to relatives in their wills. While inherited jewelry is usually either worn or sold, many people are unsure of what to do with their relatives’ old dental scrap. You may find that you have old gold teeth or bridges belonging to dead relatives just hanging around your house and trading them in for cash can be surprisingly lucrative. Some people even sell old dental scrap for cheap at estate sales or flea markets, and if you have a good eye you can make a big profit with minimal effort.


At Cash for Dental Scrap we make it easy for you to cash in on old gold and silver dental restorations. Simply request your free scrap-pak online and we’ll send you an envelope to ship us your dental scrap. Our shipping is prepaid and insured, so you can trade in your dental scrap with no cost or risk. Our dental scrap refining experts will appraise your scrap, and we’ll mail you a check within 24 hours of receiving it. Not satisfied with the amount of your check? No problem! We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and we’ll return your material promptly at no cost to you. If you’re upgrading your dental work or have old dental scrap lying around, don’t just let it gather dust. At Cash for Dental Scrap, we offer you premium prices for your old dental scrap, and make it easy for you to turn old junk into cold, hard cash.