Gold Dental Filling

photo by David Joyce (DeaPeaJay) |

There’s no question that the majority of patients request ceramic dental restorations rather than gold. The material is cheaper and the colors more seamlessly blend with existing teeth, so it’s clear why most people would choose to pay a lower price and keep their smile looking natural at the same time.

But is that really the best way to go?
Ceramic was introduced to the dental world relatively recently, and it’s too early to tell how it will hold up in the long term. Cast gold, on the other hand, has been in use for decades, and most dentists agree that it will last almost indefinitely if applied correctly.
The majority of dentists recommend using cast gold to restore both the upper and lower second molars as well as the lower first molars. But as you move closer to the front of the mouth, tooth-colored solutions are more readily recommended. Of course, these recommendations are all offered with the caveat of taking the particular needs of each patient, including age, oral hygiene history, and personal preference, into account.

Sell Dental Scrap for Cash

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