by Alex Francis
If you ask most people when they last went to the dentist, the answer will probably

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amount to “too long ago.” And while it may be the case that the cost of dental work can get very high very fast, the importance of taking care of your oral health should not be overlooked.
As many dental insurance plans cover the cost of cleanings, x-rays, and examinations but leave the burden of paying for actual treatment on the patient, a recent Fox Business report took a look at six different ways to reduce the overall cost of your dental care.

1. Don’t Skip Routine Visits
While going to the dentist more often in order to save money may seem counter-intuitive, the fact of the matter is that the earlier your dentist can diagnose a problem, the less costly the solution is likely to be. It is recommended that you go to the doctor twice a year regardless of whether you see or feel a problem with your teeth.
2. Consider Scheduling Appointments at a Dental School
Most dental schools will allow you to schedule treatments with a student. The entire appointment will be supervised by a professor, and the quality of your treatment should not be any lower than if you went to a professional dentist. While the appointment may take longer, it will also be offered at a discount.
3. Look Into Having Work Done Abroad
Experts say that, similar to going overseas for medical procedures, people are now leaving the country in search of cheaper dental care. But if you choose to go this route, it is important to do your research and be sure that the dentist you see is reputable and properly licensed.
4. Negotiate with your Dentist
Prior to receiving treatment, talk to your dentist to see if he or she is willing to negotiate a lower price. Some dentists are willing to offer a discount if you can pay in cash. You can also try to sequence your treatments and pay the entire amount over a period of time instead of upfront. The most important procedures would be scheduled first and spreading them out would help make the treatment as easy to afford as possible.
5. Get a Discount Plan
If you are uninsured, there are discount dental programs available for around $100 a year that provide discounts on individual treatments. And while insurance plans typically don’t cover certain procedures, dental discount plans tend to apply to any procedure.
6. Look for Dental Donation Programs
A number of programs exist that perform procedures at no cost to those who are genuinely unable to afford them.
7. Make Cash from Your Dental Scrap
While dental procedures may be expensive, your dental scrap can actually earn you cash. Dental scrap can contain measurable amounts of gold, silver, platinum, or palladium, and Cash for Dental Scrap will give you cash in exchange for your unwanted or broken crown, bridges, and other precious or semi-precious materials. For more information on how and why to sell your dental scrap, visit