by Alex Francis


photo by Kathy McGraw |

Attention Young People: If you have ever looked upon the future in despair, wallowing in the realization that, like your parents before you and their parents before them, your teeth will one day fall out and leave you with nothing more than soft gums and smelly dentures—fear no more!
New advances in dental technology could soon eliminate the possibility of young people ever having to experience wearing dentures as we know them today.

Digital Imaging Procedure

Fitting traditional dentures requires many steps and procedures, from extracting teeth to taking measurements to making molds and so forth. The entire process is long and drawn out, and patients often complain about the prevalence of denture odor and having difficulty getting them to stay in their mouths.
New digital imaging procedures, however, are changing all of that. The technology allows dentists to create 3-D models of the mouth using more specific measurements that provide a better fit and allow for less bacteria growth (which in turn minimizes denture smell). In addition, the entire process only requires two visits to the dentist.
Dr. Youssef Obeid, one of the dentists familiar with this new procedure, explained that “You have less sore spots, and with the better fit dentures you have less bone loss, you have less adherence of bacteria to the dentures and less denture smell.”
The end result is an overall more pleasant experience for the patient. And who doesn’t want that?

Out with the Old and In with the New

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