Dentistry is a vital profession, but sadly, the majority of dentists are unsung heroes. Dentists keep their clients teeth clean and healthy, protecting them from decay and tooth loss. They also protect them from oral bacterial infections that can lead to conditions that will seriously detract from your quality of life. Bleeding gums are common in people who neglect their dental hygiene, but many people who have bleeding gums are unaware of just how hazardous they can be to their overall health. Poor dental hygiene causes an overgrowth of bacteria in the mouth, and bleeding gums give that bacteria access to your bloodstream, which can put you at risk for heart disease and stroke.


Though dental hygiene is a key part of your overall health, it is commonly neglected. Doctors and surgeons have long been seen as heroes in our society, but due to the pain associated with dental care, most people loathe going to the dentist, and dentists rarely receive the credit they deserve. It is widely recommended that people should see a dentist twice a year, for deep cleaning and a check up, but many people go far less than that, as they are working under the assumption that their oral health is not as important as their overall health. The widespread negligence of dental health means that when many people do finally get to the dentist they often require extensive dental work that could have been avoided had they gone sooner.


It can be frustrating to be a dentist and have your accomplishments often go unappreciated, but dentists can make a surprising amount of extra cash off their clients’ neglect. People with persistent dental problems require extensive work throughout their lifetimes, and those crowns, bridges, and caps are often made of valuable precious metals. When teeth containing dental gold, silver, or platinum are extracted from patients, they often look so unsightly that they choose not to keep them, but precious metals are worth significant amounts of money, even when they are mangled or still attached to teeth.


Dentists often accumulate a significant amount of dental scrap, and with the high market prices of gold, silver, and platinum, they can make some serious cash. Dental scrap often contains quite a lot of gold or other precious metals, because dental implants are made to span gaps in the jaw, and less valuable metals are not safe for use in the mouth. If you have dental gold to sell, Cash for Dental Scrap is the perfect place to turn your scrap into cash. Simply request a free scrap-pak online, mail us your scrap, and sit back and wait for your check. At Cash for Dental Scrap, we make it easy for you to cash in on your dental gold, and satisfaction is always guaranteed.