Dental scrap is defined by any extraction, dental work or dental gold that contains precious metals. This includes broken crowns, bridges, PFM’s, PFG’s or other precious or semi-precious material that appears either gold or silver in color. Silver colored material may be comprised of platinum or palladium, two commonly used elements during fabrication.

Dental scrap does not include partials or amalgam. The metal framework of a partial is typically comprised of chrome and nickel. While Amalgam, though it does contain silver, is also composed of mercury. And is therefore considered a hazardous waste.

gold crowns in mouth

Gold crowns, gold inlay

Often times dental scrap contains bone, teeth, or porcelain that is directly bonded to the metal alloy. During the refining process, these impurities drop out and we are left with a homogenous bar of precious metal containing gold, silver, platinum and / or palladium. So it is unnecessary to separate the metal from impurities on your scrap.

With the precious metal market at an all-time high, it’s an excellent time to refine your Dental Scrap. Cash for Dental Scrap makes selling painless. We purchase anything containing gold, silver, platinum or palladium. Don’t dispose of your Dental Scrap — it could be worth a significant sum.

List of Items Considered to be Dental Scrap

Dental Scrap consists of any material (used or unused) containing a value higher than the costs associated with processing and recycling it. We pay cash for the following materials recovered from dental practices and laboratories:

Dental Scrap

Dental Sweeps

Gold Crowns

Gold Bridges

Silver Crowns

Silver Bridges

Platinum Crowns

Platinum Bridges

Palladium Crowns

Palladium Bridges

Mixed Precious Metal Dental Work


PFM’s (Porcelain Fused Metal)

PFG’s (Porcelain Fused Gold)




Gold Partials

Casting Grain


Gold Jewelry


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We’ll cover the cost of shipping and insure your Safepak against loss or damage so you don’t have to worry. Every SAFEPAK has a unique USPS tracking number and barcode so you can track your shipment online throughout the entire process.

Let us show you how Cash for Dental Scrap can offer you unsurpassed returns on all your gold, silver, platinum or palladium bearing material. We offer you an amount that’s in line with what the material is actually worth. Why sell your Dental Scrap to an agent who has to pay brokerage and refining fees when you can cut out the middleman and sell it directly to us for its true value.