The precious metal market is at an all time high. Don’t let your dental scrap end up in the trash. Send it in and get make a return on it. We buy gold or silver crowns, bridges, PFMs and PFGs with or without bone or porcelain. We guarantee you’ll be satisfied with our free appraisal offer or we’ll return your material to you at no charge. To request free shipping click here: Send me a FREE SAFEPAK.

Cash for Dental Scrap transactions are discreet and straightforward. There are no hidden broker charges or assay fees. Unlike other companies, we cover ALL the costs associated with shipping and fully insure your material through Jeweler’s Mutual Insurance during transit.  Our state-of-the-art refining technology, and sheer volume of customers ensures you will be offered get the highest possible return on your dental scrap.

Au, Ag, and Pt periodic elements
We Buy Everything
Gold Or Silver
Crowns Bridges
Inlays Polishings
Onlays Caps
Gold Partials
Casting Grain
Dental Sweeps Platinum Crowns

ANYTHING that contains precious or semi-precious metal

You may be under the impression that selling your Dental Scrap locally to a soliciting agent is a quick and easy way to earn some extra cash. While a solicitor may know something about the value of your Dental Scrap, they are in the re-sale business and therefore cannot offer as much money for your scrap material as we can. That agent is taking a commission of the top of your offer. When you sell to us, it’s commission free. Which means more money in your wallet.

Cash for Dental Scrap is in the business of refining Dental Scrap, therefore we can offer our customers unsurpassed settlements for all their gold, silver, platinum or palladium bearing material. We pay you an amount of money for your Dental Scrap that’s in line with what the material is actually worth. Why sell your Dental Scrap to an agent who has to pay brokerage and refining fees when you can cut out the middleman and sell it directly to us for its true value?

Price Match Guarantee
We guarantee to beat any competitors offer or we’ll ship your material back free of charge.

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