by Alex Francis

Protecting Children's Teeth
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It’s no secret that children love sweets, and sometimes it’s almost impossible to withhold the little treats that bring them such joy. And while a lollipop here or a slice of cake there won’t kill them, the cumulative effect of regular sweets and haphazard dental care could end up doing permanent damage to their teeth.
Fortunately, a little brushing and flossing can go a long way. To prevent bestowing your children with a mouth full of cavities and a standing appointment at the dentist, Dr. Nancy Jo Soporowski, a pediatric dentist, offers the following advice:

1. Children should brush their teeth twice and floss once every day.
2. Each brushing session should last for at about two minutes.
3. Flossing should begin once the teeth start to touch.
4. If a child has braces or other orthodontic appliances that obstruct access to the teeth, it is recommended that they brush a third time.
5. Continual snacking over an extended period of time is worse for the teeth than eating the same amount all at once.
6. Sugary drinks are bad for the teeth, but the acidity of diet drinks means that they should be avoided as well.
7. Visiting the dentist twice yearly makes it easy to catch problems early on.
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